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Dr. Nathalie Broutet

Human Reproduction Team, 

Department of Reproductive Health and Research, 

World Health Organization

Dr. Nathalie Broutet’s research work, while coordinating the unit of molecular epidemiology in a research laboratory in the University of Bordeaux in France, focused on the role of infection in the development of cancer. She has been working, since 2002, at the World Health Organization in Geneva in the Reproductive Health and Research department, specifically on prevention and control of reproductive tract and sexually transmitted infections and their consequences. She is also leading the WHO work on cervical cancer prevention and control. Since 2015 Dr Broutet is leading the department response and participation in the United Nations Joint Programme on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control, which gather 7 UN agencies and several countries and partners to eliminate cervical cancer; she is now responsible for the development of the WHO strategy towards the elimination of cervical cancer. Dr Broutet led the development of the 2016-2021 new WHO Global Health Sector Strategy for the prevention of STIs (approved by the World Health Assembly in 2016) and the plans for the strategic direction and policies of the STI Team.