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Dr. Raymond Hutubessy

Immunization, Vaccine and Biologicals, 

Initiative for Vaccine Research,

World Health Organization

Dr. Raymond Hutubessy is a health economist with over twenty five years of experience in economic analysis in both high income and low and middle income countries. He worked at the University of Maastricht and VU Medical Centre Amsterdam in the economic evaluations of non-communicable diseases and extramural care. Since 1997 he works for the World Health Organization in various departments: at the WHO country office in Bangkok; the WHO CHOICE team at WHO-HQ and the Stop TB department on economic policy research in the Russian Federation. Since 2005 he joined the Immunization, Vaccine and Biologicals Department at WHO-HQ as a lead economist where he sponsors and conducts research in vaccine economics and modelling of vaccine preventable diseases. He has over 100 peer review publications in the field of vaccines, tuberculosis, cardiovascular and diabetes economics, policy research and financing. Finally he has been responsible as the Executive Secretary of the WHO Immunization and Vaccines related Implementation Research (IVIR) Advisory Committee (formerly QUIVER-AC) since its inauguration in 2007.