On behalf of AOGIN and the Organizing Committee, We are honored to invite you to attend the 2019 AOGIN conference, which will be held at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center in Beijing, China on April 27 to 28, 2019. It is the second Beijing meeting after AOGIN 2014.

AOGIN’s mission is prevention and control of genital infections and neoplasia, especially cervical cancer in the Asia Oceania Region. In line with the mission and WHO action call for elimination of cervical cancer, AOGIN 2019 will address the most recent advances, with a broad vision, in move from cervical cancer control to elimination in the Asia Oceania Region.

 The Conference will coverage international and regional renowned medical scientists and health care professionals to discuss preclinical explorations of disease mechanisms, clinical outcomes research, population burden of cervical lesions, evidence-based strategies for screening and HPV vaccination. 

The Conference will be a worldwide forum for academics, healthcare providers, policy makers, Non-government organizations and industry representatives. Most importantly, it will raise awareness of HPV related diseases, identify current gaps in practices, and reshape policies in cervical cancer control in this region. Our overarching theme will be harnessing the power of innovation to promote the progress of cervical cancer elimination.

China’s cervical cancer prevention practice plays a decisive role in promoting cervical cancer prevention world-wide, we sincerely welcome you to Beijing and wish a great academic communication with all members in the team against genital infection and neoplasia!


Professor ZHAO Fanghui 
The Congress President of AOGIN 2019